The Five Most Expensive Addresses in State College

Lamborghinis parked on College Avenue, new high rise buildings erected on $7,000,000.00 quarter acre lots in Downtown State College and Penn State Football.  There’s no question that there’s money here in Happy Valley.  Foreign and local investors alike see the value in a town with an evergreen opportunity at Penn State, further pushing prices higher.  This has trickled down to the residential market in State College.

Here are the top five most expensive addresses in State College.*

5. Brandywine Drive


Average Sale Price – $700k-$850k**

4. Greenbriar Drive


Average Sale Price – $725k-$925k

3. Park Avenue West


Average Sale Price – $800k-$1M

2. Holly Ridge Drive


Average Sale Price – $800k-$950k

1. Scenery Drive


Average Sale Price – $800k-$1.5M

*”…most expensive addresses in State College” is merely for entertainment purposes.
**Results were derived from closed properties listed on the Centre County Multiple Listing Service.

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